Projects for ALMA at LERMA

Scientific Pole

A scientific team is concerned in preparing future observations with ALMA, and in particular working on proposals, observations with presently available mm instruments, such as IRAM, GBT.. or the future LMT. Multiwavelength surveys are being prepared, including VLT, etc... The team works in tight collaboration with groups in Meudon observatory, and IAP (numerical simulations of observations).


Receivers: ALMA Front-end Band 8 SIS Mixer Team

The Front-end Band 8 SIS Mixer Team or LERMA/Band 8 Team is composed of 10 persons of our Laboratory. This LERMA/Band 8 Team is responsible for developing a breadboard of the broadband SIS mixer over the 385-500 GHz bandwidth. The point of contact for the Team is Morvan Salez who reports within the ALMA Project to the European Front-end Subsystem Team Manager.
An official Agreement for the developement of a Band 8 SIS mixer concerning the Front-end Subsystem - Phase 1 of ALMA has been signed between LERMA-Observatoire de Paris and ESO on 14 February 2001.

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