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Welcome on the IAU Com 28 home page

Commission 28 deals with External GALAXIES:

  • Morphology and Dynamics of Galaxies
  • Galaxy Interactions and Galaxy Environment
  • Starbursts and Star Formation History
  • Active Nuclei of Galaxies (AGN)
  • Chemical Evolution and Stellar Populations

It does not deal with the Milky Way, which is covered by Commission 33.

It is one of the 2 Commissions of IAU Division VIII: Galaxies and the Universe, together with Commission 47: Cosmology .

The Commission 28 has about 800 members.
Any IAU member who works in the field, and who is not yet a member of this commission, should contact its current president (2006-2009).
It is possible to be a member of several commissions (the number is no more fixed).

The full list of members can, unfortunately, not be published on this webpage (due to legal constraints) but the addresses of individual members with a well-known name spelling may be found in the IAU membership directory.

Last update: 2009

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