Hunt for Molecules Book

Introduction (Table of Contents, Preface, Participants, Poster)

Session I- Molecules in the interstellar medium

Discovering interstellar molecules Gerin, M. {3}

Odin's Hunt for Molecules Hjalmarson A., on behalf of the Odin Team {15}

The deep search of O2 in interstellar space Pagani, L. {27}

Molecules towards HD~34078 and small scale structure in translucent clouds Boissé, P. {35}

Biological molecules Despois, D. {43}

Hunt for molecules at the origin of life: the quantum chemistry approach Ellinger Y., Chiaramello J.M., Berthier G., Lattelais M., Pauzat F., Talbi D. {57}

Looking for molecular Titanium in space Pauzat, F., Ferré, J., Ellinger, Y. {69}

Non-equilibrium chemistry in the cold diffuse interstellar medium Falgarone, E., Hily-Blant, P., Pineau des Forêts, G. {77}

Interstellar Molecules: direct formation on graphite grains at 7-78K Bar-Nun, A. {85}

Finding friends and molecules in unexpected places Liszt H. {93}

Molecules as a diagnostic tool in astrophysics Feautrier, N., Cernicharo, J., Daniel, F., Dubernet, M.L., Lique, F., Senent, M.L., Spielfiedel, A. {103}

Session II- Molecules in planets and comets

Hunt for molecules in comets Bockelée-Morvan, D. {115}

Molecules in planetary atmospheres Lellouch, E. {127}

Remote Sensing of a Comet at mm and submm Wavelengths from a Comet-Orbiting Spacecraft Gulkis, S. {135}

Molecules in comets with Odin and Deep Impact observations Biver, N. and the Odin Team {145}

Session III- Extra-galactic molecules

High Velocity Clouds: New Hunting Grounds for Molecules? Boulanger, F., Miville Deschênes, M.A. {157}

Extragalactic molecular hydrogen Lequeux, J., Lebouteiller, V. {165}

Hunt for Molecules in Local Universe Galaxies Garcia-Burillo, S., Fuente, A., Martin-Pintado, J., Usero, A., Gracia-Carpio, J., Planesas, P. {171}

Hunt for cold H2 molecules Combes, F. {179}

Search for molecules in Cooling Flow Clusters of Galaxies Salomé, P., Combes, F. {187}

Session IV- Primordial molecules

Molecular echography of the early Universe Signore, M., Melchiorri, F., Olivo-Melchiorri, B., Puy, D. {197}

Dust from Reionization Désert, F.--X., Elfgren, E. {207}

Dust and Molecules in Early Galaxies: Prediction and Strategy for Observations Takeuchi, T. T. {211}

Session V- Progress in instrumentation

Heterodyne detection in mm & sub-mm waves developed at Paris Observatory Beaudin, G., Encrenaz, P. and the Microwave Team {225}

The long submillimetric road: From superconductors to superconductors via the stars Salez, M. {237}

Hunt for Earth ice clouds using millimeter and sub-millimeter observations Prigent, C., Pardo-Carrion, J. R., Goutoule, J.-M. {293}

Components, Receivers, and Instrumentation for Ground-Based mm/submm Astronomy Lazareff, B., Butin, G., Carter, M., Chenu, J.Y., Fontana, A.L., Mahieu, S., Maier, D., Mattiocco, F., Serres, P., Schuster, K.,Krebs, N., Scherer, T., Schicke, M. {305}

A Glimpse of Technology Advances for the ALMA Project. The ALMA Correlator Baudry A. {319}

Author Index {329}