The printers at LERMA/Paris Site

In order to print a file (say filename) from the Unix workstations of LERMA and of SIO the following command should be used:

       $ lpr -Pqueue_name filename
where queue_name is one of the following:

Queue NameOutputTypeLocationPrinter IP
rvps6paper (recto/verso)HP LaserJet 4200DTN6th floorhplerma6 -
rps6paper (recto)HP LaserJet 4200DTN6th floorhplerma6 -
col6 *paper Xerox color 6360DN 6th floorlplerma6 -
col6trans*transparency Xerox color 6360DN6th floorlplerma6 -
rvps7paper (recto/verso)HP LaserJet 4250DTN7th floorhplerma7 -
rps7paper (recto)HP LaserJet 4250DTN7th floorhplerma7 -
col7 *paper Xerox color 6360DN 7th floorlplerma7 -
col7trans *transparency Xerox color 6360DN 7th floorlplerma7 -
rvps8paper (recto/verso)Ricoh Aficio MP C33008th floorricoh8 -
rps8paperRicoh Aficio MP C33008th floorricoh8 -

*Note that the output from Laser Colour Printers costs 0.7 euro per page. As a result a log of all jobs submitted is being kept. Please be very careful when you use it...

The above queues accept both ASCII and Postscript files as input. They have been defined as local printers of and as remote at mesioq, parasol,mesioc, and maat.

To check the status of the printing do:

       $ lpq -Pqueue_name
To remove a file from the printer queue do:
       $ lprm -Pqueue_name job_number
where job_number is the number of the printer job displayed by lpq.

Important Note: The command lprm does not work on parasol since this is a Solaris machine. On parasol one has to do "lpstat -t" to check all the status of all printer queues and then use the command "cancel job_id" to cancel the appropriate job.

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