The Image Reduction and Analysis Facility (also known as IRAF) is installed on two machines of the SIO. These are and running Digital Unix. The current IRAF version is 2.11. The accompanying layer packages TABLES, STSDAS, PROS and RVSAO are also available.

Seasoned IRAF users can start their IRAF session in the old fashioned way by giving the cl command:

      @mesioq:% cl
However, a convenient file called, which helps you to initialize and start your IRAF session, has also been installed. New (and old) users are strongly encouraged to try it (Change the name "tartempion" by your name in this file..).

Before using though, one should first define an environment variable called USERIRAF which specifies the directory where his/her personal IRAF file will be located. This can be done by adding a line of the type:

      setenv USERIRAF /my_disk/toto_user/iraf_dir/
in his/her ~/.cshrc file. Sourcing that file with the Unix command:
      @mesioq:% source ~/.cshrc
will make the variable USERIRAF available to the system. In all subsequent user logins the variable will be known since ~/.cshrc is executed upon login.

Then one can start IRAF by simply typing:

      @mesioq:% xiraf
This command will check all parameters for the user and if it's the first time he/she is accessing IRAF it will initialize some IRAF related personal files found in the directory $USERIRAF. In that case a user is prompted to answer a few questions for the initialization to proceed.

After the initialization is complete a new window will appear and the SAOimage display program will be started. To check that the initialization was done properly do the following tests with a sample image of M51:

      cl> display dev$pix 1
      cl> contour dev$pix 

If you don't like very much the old and reliable SAOimage two more image display clients are also available. These are

Selecting any of the two can be done by starting xiraf with the following options:
      @mesioq:% xiraf -saotng
      @mesioq:% xiraf -ximtool
General information/documentation on IRAF can be found at: Information on the image display programs can be found at:
Vassilis Charmandaris
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