ALMA Science Data Model


Defining the ASDM:

A process in 3 steps:

Where we are?

  1. Conceptual schema mostly done:
    • refinements will be needed in various places

    • iterative process while implementing and using the model
      • tests via simulations

      • tests to host real data from existing millimeter instruments

    • "MEASURE" column needs to be described
      e.g. ACSTime, ...

    • some properties needs to be described explicitly

    • a number of "values" need to be reserved

  2. Definition of the logical schema:
  3. From the logical to the physical model

  4. The ASDM:


    1. The ASDM appears as very complex for some people!

    2. This appearance is due to the large number of relations between tables
      Tables being flat 2D, keys are composed of identifiers to provide the depth.

    3. As a number of tables are normalized, there is in the ASDM multi-dimensional structures.
      Seen as such the complexity is essentially removed.

    4. The ASDM is actually composed of

      1. multi-dimensional structures (for the meta and auxiliary data)

      2. the configDescription:
        • a versatil connector
        • set the shape of the data cell

      3. a tree (i.e. hierarchical) structure (the project structure)

    5. Incremental view of the ASDM

    The ASDM dataset:

    The archived dataset corresponds to an ExecuteBlock

    The dataset in the Science DataBase

    Export Data Format:

    Requires following the activity on the VO side!