SKA workshop on galaxies in Paris

SKA workshop on galaxies in Paris

Scientific justification:

The large sensitivity and the huge field of view of SKA instruments will make possible the study of HI gas at cosmological scale and high redshift. There are many topics that will be addressed: we can cite the cosmic evolution of the gas content of galaxies, in order to understand the cosmic evolution of star formation and quenching, in association with molecular gas surveys; the HI gas dynamics in galaxies allowing for the first time to tackle the evolution of the dark matter content of galaxies with redshift, the effects of environment in the HI content in clusters and groups, and its possible reversal at high z, the role of AGN and supernovae feedback in the gas content, etc..

In addition, large HI surveys will bring complementary information on cosmology, in terms of baryonic acoustic oscillations (BAO), or strong and weak lensing. The radio sky will be surveyed at several frequencies, and the knowledge of active galaxies of cluster relics will be considerably enhanced. Oher lines than HI will be surveyed at the highest frequencies, such as redshifted CO, or recombination lines.

Friday June 14, 2019
Salle du CONSEIL

I- Session 1
Chair F. Combes
09:00-09:10 Welcome
09:10-09:30 L. Verdes-Montenegro: Science Regional Centers and Open Science with the SKA
09:30-09:50 R. Ansari: Large scale structures and BAO
09:50-10:10 R. Gavazzi: Strong and weak gravitational lensing
10:10-10:30 Nicolas Bouché: Intergalactic gas in absorption
11:00-11:20 P. Noterdaeme: HI absorption
11:20-11:40 M. Bethermin: The radio sky and star formation
11:40-12:00 A. Boselli: Environmental effects on galaxy evolution
12:00-12:20 S. Boissier: Formation and evolution of galaxies


I- Session 2
Chair L. Verdes-Montenegro
14:00-14:20 D. Elbaz: Gas content and cosmic star formation history
14:20-14:40 F. Combes: Molecular gas content at high z from the CO lines
14:40-15:00 M. Lehnert: Extragalactic spectral lines but HI
15:00-15:30 All: Discussion
16:00-16:20 H. Sol: AGN with SKA and CTA
16:20-16:40 A. Bosma: Galaxy dynamics, dark matter and HI distribution
16:40-17:00 D. Valls-Gabaud: HI and CO in ultra-diffuse galaxies: current issues and perspectives