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Jeunes talents L'Oreal, Octobre 2023

Remise de Diplomes Lyon, Novembre 2023

GALFEED in Brazil, March 2020

Avec Roseline Bachelot (min. culture), Sep 2021

Avec S. Brun, P. Michel, R. Lehoucq, Morby, St-Tropez, Nov 2022

Perseus in Sicily, May 2018

Rings in Alabama, June 2018

AGN in Addis Ababa, October 2019

Division Presidents, IAU-GA, Hawaii August 2015

10ans de la Tête au Carré, avec Mathieu Vidard, 2016

350yrs of Paris Observatory, Versailles, 2017

Sapporo Bier Garten, February 2014

Martin Ward Party, Durham, July 2014

Galaxies-3D, Heidelberg, July 2015

Groningen, Spring 2011

Athens, September 2013

PhD Mamen, Granada, November 2013

Herschel, Cooling Flows coll, Meudon 2010

IAU-S277, Ouagadougou, December 2010

Grand Bornand, April 2011

Austin, Texas, November 2008

EAS, Jenam-Hatfield, April 2009

Herschel-workshop, M33 coll, Athens 2010

IAU Prague, August 2006

Spineto, Italy, June 2007

Rome, Vatican meeting, October 2007

The Sino-French meeting
Beijing, April 2005

Pucon, Chile, December 2005

Japan, June 2006

Week of French Astrophysics
SF2A-2003, Bordeaux 2003

The Conference Banquet, Gramado, Brasil,
BH-SIGN, March 2004

Johan Knappen Birthday
Bad Honnef, Germany, August 2004

With Judy Young,
Roma, Italy, 2000

With Isaac Shlosman,
La Palma, Canary Islands, 2001

SF2A-2002, Jussieu
June 2002

With Kepler and Tycho-
-Brahe, Prague 1997

With Johan Knapen, at the
Keck, Hawaii, 1998

With Rosemary Wyse,
Aspen meeting, Colorado, January 1998

Talk at Erice, Sicily,
Septembre 1992

With Bruce Elmegreen,
near 6m-telescope
Zelentchuk, Russia, October 1993

Stellar Dynamics meeting
Petrozavodsk, Russia,
June 1995

YERAC meeting
Pushchino, Russia,
July 1979

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