August 20: --  Press-release
AstroSat caught a distant galaxy emitting extreme-UV photons

October 19: --  Obs-actu
The Cosmic Jellyfish in Norma seen by ALMA

September 19: --  Obs-actu
The Cosmic Snake reveals huge molecular clouds

November 18: --  Obs-actu
ALMA and MUSE detect galactic fountain

September 16: --  Obs-actu
Starving Black Hole Returns Brilliant Galaxy to the Shadows

June 16:
Black hole fed by cold intergalactic deluge

November 15:
The jet from a black hole drives multiple winds in a nearby galaxy

August 15:
Is the black hole in NGC 1277 really obese?

April 14:
Herschel discovers mature galaxies in the young Universe

October 13:| ESO News
ALMA discovers an outflow of molecular gas in a nearby spiral galaxy

January 13:
Taking the temperature of the Universe

January 12:
An hyper-luminous galaxy, one billion year after the Big-Bang

October 10:
Discovery of an Extremely Bright Sub-Millimeter Galaxy at z=3.93

August 10:
Exploring the epoch of reionization through the 21 cm radiation

March 10:
GALMER: GALaxy MERgers in the Virtual Observatory

February 10:
Galaxies in the young universe are rich in molecular gas

December 07:
Formation of cold filaments in cooling flow clusters

October 06:
Smoking gun evidence of a head-on collision for Andromeda

December 03:
First proof of cold molecular gas associated to a cooling flow

April 03:
Polar ring galaxies and dark matter

August 02:
A bath of youth for galaxies

March 00:
Discovery of molecular gas shells around the elliptical galaxy Centaurus A