Old Observatory, Beijing
C41/ICHA Activities at the IAU General Assembly in Beijing, August 2012
The Commission and its Working Groups plan a number of business and science meetings at the 2012 IAU General Assembly. The following programme is provisional; further details and any changes will be posted here as they become available.

Field Expeditions
C41 Science Meeting 1
Wednesday, August 22
Session 4 (16:00 – 18.00): Rajesh Kochhar, Chair
(Following the invited keynote lecture by Prof. Shi Yunli)
Vitor Bonifácio
The mid 19th and early 20th century pull of a nearby eclipse shadow path
Françoise Le Guet Tully and Santiago Paolantonio
Observatories in South America: from astronomical expeditions to the foundation of national observatories
Ian Glass
La Caille’s expedition to the Cape of Good Hope 1751–1753
Emanuel S. Mumpun and Bambang Hidayat
Social Impact of the Solar Eclipse in Indonesia: a comparative study
Thursday, August 23
Session 1 (09:00 – 10.30): Sara Schechner, Chair
Ramesh Kapoor
Did Ibn Sina observe the Transit of Venus of 1032 CE?
Rajesh Kochhar
Transits of Venus and modern astronomy in India
Lu Lingfeng
Science news or astrological debating: Chinese records of the transit of Venus of 1874
J. McKim Malville and John Pearson
The eclipse expeditions of the Lick Observatory and the beginnings of astrophysics in the US
Jay Pasachoff
Expeditions to death and disaster: Chappe d’Auteroche and Charles Green at the 1769 transit of Venus
Session 2 (11:00 – 12.30): Jay Pasachoff, Chair
Gennadiy Pinigin and Zhanna Pozhalova
The value of the astronomical expeditions to West Spitsbergen, 40 years later
Sara Schechner
Astronomy behind enemy lines: Colonial American field expeditions, 1761–1780
Gudrun Wolfschmidt
Solar eclipse expeditions of Hamburg Observatory
Chris Sterken
Houzeau’s visual magnitude estimates in Jamaica in 1868
Proceedings of Venus Transit Conference
The proceedings of the Venus Transit Conference (Tromsø 2012), edited by P.S. Aspaas and C. Sterken are available at the Journal of Astronomical Data, Volume 19(1) 2013

Proceedings of ICOA-7
The proceedings of the International Conference on Oriental Astronomy (ICOA–7) are available from Mitsuru Soma

IAU S278 Proceedings
are now available
Archaeoastronomy and Ethnoastronomy: Building Bridges between Cultures
(the 9th “Oxford” International Symposium on Archaeoastronomy)
Astronomy and World Heritage
IAU Working Group on Astronomy and World Heritage

The Commission’s Astronomy and World Heritage Working Group is working with UNESCO to advance their Astronomy and World Heritage Initiative.The new web portal serving UNESCO’s Astronomy and World Heritage Initiative was launched on August 24 at the sessions of the Astronomy and World Heritage Working Group. The site is a dynamic, publicly accessible database, discussion forum and document repository on astronomical heritage sites throughout the world, even if they are not on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

ICOMOS–IAU Thematic Study
The printed edition of the ICOMOS–IAU Thematic Study on the Heritage Sites of Astronomy and Archaeoastronomy is now available

SpS5 - IAU GA Rio
The proceedings of the Rio GA Special Session on “Accelerating the Rate of Astronomical Discovery” have been published in Proceedings of Science