LERMA Extra-Galactic group meeting (page no longer updated)

Wednesdays 11am-12am

The LERMA extra-galactic group meeting is held on the Paris Observatory site.
The main organiser has changed and this page is no longer used. Some presentations and papers presented before March 2013 are listed here.

Mailing-list: ex-gal.meeting at obspm.fr

Past talks

Work presented in past talks:

  • Wednesday 16th of January 2013:
    Benjamin L'Huillier "Initial conditions for precision cosmological simulations"
  • Wednesday 19th of September 2012:
    Hoai Dothi "Gravitationally lensed extended sources: the case of QSO RXJ0911"
  • Thursday 12th of July 2012:
    Anaelle Halle "A few simulations of spiral galaxies"
  • Wednesday 27th of June 2012:
    Go Ogiya "The Core-Cusp problem in Cold Dark Matter halos and Supernova feedback: Effects of Oscillations"
  • Wednesday 29th of February 2012:
    Lauriane Delaye "Mass-size relation: An important key to understand the assembly of massive galaxies"
  • Wednesday 15th of February 2012:
    Benoit Semelin "The Epoch of reionization: from simulations to observations (and back!)"
  • Wednesday 1st of February 2012:
    Francesco Shankar "Empirically evolving super-massive Black Holes (sequel) "
  • Thursday 19th of January 2012:
    Martin Stringer "Principles of supernova-driven winds: the right answers for the wrong reasons?"
  • Thursday 10th of November 2011:
    Francesco Shankar "Empirically evolving super-massive Black Holes "
  • Thursday 27th of October 2011:
    Greg Novak "Black Hole Fueling and AGN Feedback: Toward a deeper physical understanding"
  • Wednesday 11th of October 2011:
    Philippe Salome "A very extended molecular web around NGC 1275"
  • Thursday 5th of October 2011:
    Anne-Laure Melchior: "Molecular gas in the inner 0.7kpc-radius ring of M31"
    Simona Mei: "Early-type galaxies at z~1.3. IV. Scaling relations in different environments"
  • Wednesday 28th of September 2011:
    Maxime Bois: "The ATLAS3D project - VI. Simulations of binary galaxy mergers"
  • Thursday 22nd of September 2011:
    Anaelle Halle "Galaxies and Baryonic Physics"
  • Thursday 8th of September 2011:
    Benjamin L'Huillier: "Mass assembly of galaxies: Smooth accretion versus mergers"
  • Wednesday 12th of July 2011:
    Patrick Vonlanthen: "Distinctive rings in the 21 cm signal of the epoch of reionization"
  • July 5th 2011:
    Kalliopi Dasyra: "Rapidly moving warm H2 gas in a local ULIRG/radio galaxy, IRAS13451+1232"
  • Papers

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