Benjamin L’Huillier


Cosmologist and Astrophysicist, Research Fellow at KASI, Daejeon, South Korea


I am a Research Fellow working in the CosKASI group at the Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute in Daejeon, South Korea. With Arman Shafieloo, I am using the large-scale structure of the Universe at low redshift to constrain cosmology and the early Universe using $N$-body simulations. I am also a member of the DESI collaboration, involved in the time domain and the cosmological simulations working groups.

Previously, I was a Research Fellow working in the Astrophysics and Cosmology group of the Korea Institute for Advanced Study (KIAS) in Seoul, South Korea, with Profs. Changbom Park and Juhan Kim on cosmological structure formation, from galaxies to the large-scale structures of the Universe, using numerical simulations such as the Horizon Run 4 simulation.

I completed my PhD at LERMA , Paris Observatory and Université Pierre et Marie Curie, working in the Galaxies and Cosmology group with Françoise Combes and Benoit Semelin, and a member of the Momentum project. I was also a Teaching Assistant at the Université Paris Diderot, where I taught Physics and data analysis.


  • 2018-04-13: Paper on model-independent test of the $\Lambda$CDM model submitted: arXiv:1804.04320
  • 2018-03-15: Paper on the Early Universe and the Large-scale sctructure accepted in MNRAS
  • 2018-03-12: Cora Uhlemann' paper on bias in cylinders accepted in MNRAS
  • 2018-02-06: Paper on Growth and expansion [1712.04865] accepted for publication in MNRAS
  • 2017-10-05: Cora Uhlemann's paper accepted in MNRAS
  • 2017-09-01: Gong-bo Zhao's paper on dynamical dark energy published in Nature Astronomy
  • 2017-03-20: Paper on haloes in modified gravity accepted for publication in MNRAS [arXiv:1703.07357]
  • 2017-01-18: Paper on halo pair alignment [1701.04417] Published in MNRAS
  • 2017-01-10: Paper on curvature test [1606.06832] published in JCAP01(2017)015


e-mail: <firstname>
Address: Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute
Yuseong-gu, 776 Daedeok daero
Phone: +82-(0)42-865-5856


You can find me at
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