Davies John-Keith UK Astronomy Technology Centre
Royal Observatory, Blackford Hill, Edinburgh Non-teacher
EH9 3HJ Edinburgh, UK
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OPTICON, The EU Optical Infrared Co-ordination Network
John Davies
OPTICON is an EU sponsored network of astronomers. It has a number of different goals, one of which is the co-operative operation of medium-sized (2-4m) European telescopes. It is possile that this activity can be extended to encompass educational uses of small telescopes. I will outline the plans which OPTICON has for small to medium sized telescopes as part of the EU 6th framework programme. Then I will raise the question of how the various programmes using telescopes for science education and inspiration can be brought together as an integrated whole ranging from schoolchildren, through undergraduate teaching to post-graduate training. You can find out more about opticon at www.astro-opticon.org