Welcome on the web page of IAU Division J

The Division J is part of the new structures of the IAU, launched in August 2012, at the Beijing XXVIII GA. It follows the previous Division VIII "Galaxies and the Universe".

Division J covers all thematics dealing with the physics of the Universe, and the physics of galaxies composing it, but not in particular the Milky Way, which is relevant to Division H Interstellar Matter and Local Universe. The main topics can be listed in 4 categories:

  • 1- Physics and content of the Universe
    The early Universe, cosmological models
    Baryonic and non-baryonic matter, dark matter and dark energy
  • 2- Evolution of structures
    Cosmic backgrounds (CMB, and all backgrounds from radio to X-ray)
    Populations of galaxies, galaxy clusters and groups, intergalactic medium
  • 3- Formation and evolution of galaxies
    Reionization, first objects (AGN, Starbursts)
    History of star formation
    Physics of galaxies at all redshifts, rôle of environnement
  • 4- Spatially resolved galaxies
    Star formation laws in galaxies, resolved stellar populations,
    Dynamics of sub-structures (bulges, disks, spiral structure..)

Division J hosts now 3 Commissions:

Commission 21 Commission 28 Commission 47
Galactic and Extragalaxtic Background Radiation, President: Jayant Murthy Galaxies, President: Jay Gallagher Cosmology, President: Brian Schmidt
The Division J has about 2600 members.
Any IAU member who works in the field, and who is not yet a member of this division, should contact its current president (2012-2015).

The full list of members can be found on these webpages: or also on the individual IAU membership directory.

Last update: February 2014

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