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Léa Noreskal and Alain Coulais (contact)
first version July 2010, last update Sept. 2, 2010 (adding Debian).

Download Binaries Packets for Ubuntu (9.04, 9.10, 10.04) and Debian (squeeze)

This page was created on July 10, 2010, with Ubuntu packets (9.10 and 10.04) and x386.
This page was upgraded on July 16, 2010 to correct a problem around X11 and also to add the amd64 packets.
29 August 2010: adding tentative packet for U 10.04 with ImageMagick.
2 September 2010: adding Debian (squeeze) packets.

Binaries of gdl-0.9rc4

They are based on the current state (as is July 23, 2010) of the CVS.

For Debian Squeeze : 32 bits here, 64 bits here.

For Ubuntu 10.04 LTS : 32 bits here, 64 bits here.

For Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, a more experiemental paquet with Image Magick, build on August 29 (not signed, missing description) 32 bits ici.

For Ubuntu 9.10 : 32 bits here, 64 bits here.

Fur Ubuntu 9.04 : 32 bits here (with ImageMagick, FFTw and NetCDF, without HDF and HDF5)

Installing Gdl

A root account is needed. It is possible to double-click on the .deb or to key the command gdebi.

Gdebi lets you install local deb packages resolving and installing its dependencies. You can use it as below

$ sudo gdebi gdl_0.9rc4-1_i386.deb (exact name may change ...)

plplot9-driver-xwin which lets you display plot is not installed automatically.

Click here to install plplot9-driver-xwin

or, in command mode:

$ sudo apt-get install plplot9-driver-xwin

If you are not super-user, you may try a local extraction of the paquet, running:

$ dpkg -X gdl_0.9rc4-1_i386.ded MyLocalPath/
MyLocalPath/ will be the root directory where the files in the paquet will be extracted, keeping the right hierarchy. The if you setup the GDL_PATH to have the GDL lib path, you should be able to run localy GDL.

What provide the packets ?

Because we just started packaging during internship of Léa in summer 2010, at beginning we start building only core packets, without HDF, NetCDF, Image Magick, FFTw ... Also, in few cases, due to real problems (now HDF 4/5 in 10.04) we found no way to add some dependances in the paquets ...

Then, if you would like to know what really provide the paquets you downloaded, you can extract valuable informations with:

$ dpkg -I gdl_0.9rc4-1_i386.deb (exact name may change ...)
If you hope to use, i.e., WRITE_PNG, obviously you must found in the output: Depends: [...] libmagick++2

We need your feedback

Thank you for reporting any problem: bugs, missing programs, typos, questions, requests ... contact.