Greg Novak

Postdoctoral Researcher, Paris Observatory


Public Talks

As part of the ActInSpace hack-a-thon to identify commericial applications of technologies developed by CNES, produced a 3D movie, commerical pitch and presentation with a team of four others. May 2014

A Guided Tour of Our Universe, a popular talk given at the Present Day Club about extra-galactic astronomy—our current understanding and the field's historical development. September 2011 (PDF)

Savoir et Connaître les Arcs-en-ciel (Knowing and understanding rainbows). Video art installation on the connections between science and art, between intellectual knowledge and visceral knowledge, and between beauty and depth. Part of the exhibition "Art or Science" at Cafe A, Paris, December 2011 (MOV, YouTube)


Quoted in New Scientist article (HTML, PDF) related to Bland-Hawthorn et. al. ApJ 2013

Visualization of galaxy merger simulation featured in:

Non-Science Technical Talks