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Françoise Combes
Collège de France et Observatoire de Paris

Galaxy Interactions (Click)
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61 Av. de l'Observatoire
F-75 014 Paris, FRANCE
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Dynamical Evolution and formation of Galaxies
N-body Simulations and Hydrodynamics
Dark Matter Dynamics
Molecular Clouds
Millimetric Radioastronomy
Thermodynamics of self-gravity

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Galaxy Movies

Bar destruction and reformation
For the gif movie, click here (11 Mb)       |   Another case, in the rotating frame

Animated major merger between two spiral galaxies
For the gif movie, click here (0.5 Mb)     Gas=blue; Stars=red; Dark matter=green.

How does a galaxy become a barred spiral?
3 first epochs, click here     3 last epochs, click here     For the gif movie, click here (5 Mb)
6 steps from a movie of bar formation, simulated by N-body simulations
Time is running from left to right, by step of 200 Myrs
In each row: Top= stellar component; Bottom= gas component

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Seychelles-14   College-14   EWASS-15   Hawaii-15   30-Oct-15  
Trieste-12   Tenerife-12   Hanoi-13   Sorbonne-13   Pisa-14  
Lebanon-09 12-apr-10   Ouagadougou-10   Potsdam-11   Groningen-11  
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