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Appel d'offre 2015

The Federative Action of OBSPM on "ALMA-NOEMA-Herschel" is offering (limited) financial support for participation in schools, workshops, etc, in 2015 directly linked with the training in and exploitation of these powerful submm instruments, or with enhancing the visibility of the OBSPM expertise in this area.

IMPORTANT CHANGE SINCE 2014: Please note that all people intending to ask for funding through the open Blanc call of the Conseil Scientifique of OBSPM (deadline 27th February) on themes related to our AF are requested by Guy Perrin to apply first to the present Call of the AF. The coordinators will send a scientific evaluation that must be attached to the CS proposal before its final submission.

The applications for AF funding or evaluation must be sent before monday February 16th, 2015, to and

Examples eligible for funding include:
- ALMA/Herschel Archival Workshop, ESO-Garching, Apr 15-17
- ARC-IRAM 1-day training on cycle 3
- IRAM 30m Summerschool, Granada, Spain, Sept. 11-18
- collaborative visits on ALMA-NOEMA-Herschel projects or presentations as PI
in conferences...

Support will be in particular for young researchers (students, postdocs) or senior researchers wishing to train to the submm range in order to exploit the revolutionary capabilities of these 3 observatories, and their synergy with optical/infrared/UV-Xray domains.

The applications for funding should not exceed 1 page and include:
- Name, Laboratory, status (student, postdoc, permanent), and supervisor if any
- Place, date, and title of even
- for schools, workshops, etc: short description of motivation (and supervisor approval for students)
- Precise justification of funding asked (eg registration fee, transport, or lodging)
- Indication of alternative/complementary funding

Results will be communicated to the applicants by February 20th, 2015; In the case of projects that will be submitted to the "Programme Blanc of CS of Obs. Paris", a scientific evaluation by the coordinateurs of this AF will be sent as well.

Thank you for circulating this announcement to other OBSPM researchers that you think may be interested. And please consider registering to the mailing list of this Action Federatrice, where our other activities (local workshops and training, seminars) will be announced.

Join the Mailing List : : send an email to or

Appel d'offre 2014

La nouvelle Action Federatrice ALMA-NOEMA-Herschel de l'OP lance un appel d'offres pour apporter un soutien financier a des missions en 2014 liees directement a l'exploitation de ces instruments, et a la valorisation des competences de l'OP dans ce domaine.

Par exemple:
- participation a un colloque pour presenter des resultats ALMA-NOEMA-Herschel (eg session ALMA a l'EWASS2014)
- participation a des ecoles sur l'interpretation des observations sub/mm a toutes les echelles (eg ecole des Houches sur The interaction of stars with the interstellar medium of galaxies, - ateliers IRAM, ARC, ASA...

L'appel est destine en particulier aux jeunes chercheurs OP (etudiants, postdocs), et aux chercheurs plus confirmes cherchant a se former a ce nouveau domaine de longueurs d'onde afin d'exploiter les capacites revolutionnaires de ces observatoires, et leur complementarite avec les domaines optique/infrarouge/UV/Xrays. Priorite sera egalement donnee a la presentation de resultats ALMA-NOEMA-Herschel ou le chercheur OP est PI.

La demande de soutien financier doit etre envoyee avant le lundi 31 Mars a et, et preciser :
- Nom, prenom, laboratoire OP, statut (etudiant, postdoc, permanent), superviseur le cas echeant
- Lieu, date, et intitule de l'evenement
- pour les colloques: description des travaux qui seront presentes, liste des auteurs, forme envisagee (invite, oral, poster)
- pour les ecoles et ateliers: description de votre motivation (et accord du superviseur pour les etudiants)
- Justification precise du montant demande (eg frais d'inscription, de transport, ou de sejour)

Le bureau de l'AF examinera les demandes et donnera sa reponse pour le 10 avril au plus tard.

Merci de faire circuler cette annonce autour de vous aux personnes susceptibles d'etre interessees. Si ce n'est pas encore fait, pensez a vous inscrire sur la liste mail de cette action specifique

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